Thursday, May 26, 2011

American Friggin' Idol

Yes I was obviously upset that Haley did not win good ol' American Idol. She was charming and different and we hadn't heard a voice like that in a LONG time. And she was provacative. And I like that. I swore to myself I wouldn't watch the finale as a sign of protest. Then last night as I was watching the finale, I saw how genuinely happy Scotty looked. He seemed truely humbled by the title and yes, it touched me. I love that he thanked everyone (except Jack Black) instead of centering on himself and singing as loud and as well as he could the finale song. I still hope to see Haley around (my house), but I can honestly say that I am happy for the young lad. There. Maturity.

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  1. SCOTTY!!!!!!!!! :):): I TOLD YOU HE WAS GOING TO
    WIN! :) HEHEHE